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Central Control Commission

The Central Control Commission is built for the analysis and study of the topics of finance, environment, and law in three single commissions, singurarily managed by professionals of each sector, in the fight of gender-based violence in Italy and in the World. If you’re interested as a student or professional to take part in one of three commissions please follow the instructions provided at the end of this page where are listed the rules to apply.

Dr. Bo Guerreschi
Dr. Bo GuerreschiPresident Central Control Commission
Dr. Marco Puglia
Dr. Marco Puglia President Justice & Legal Commission
Magistrate Surverillance Courthouse (Naples, Italy) Winner National Prize Don Peppe Diana (for the love of the people) 2019.
Dr. Paola Fiore
Dr. Paola Fiore President Environmental Commission
Climate Change Expert | UN TeachSDGs Educator & Ambassador | National Coordinator Italy for Climate Reality Project
Dr. Giovanni Pastore
Dr. Giovanni PastorePresident Financial Commission

Justice & Legal Commission

Dott. Marco Puglia
President Commission
Hon. Maria Rizzotti
Vice President Commission
Caterina Biafora, Esq.
Licia D'Amico, Esq.
Hilarry Sedu, Esq.
Rebekah Quixano Henriques

Human Rights and Crimes against Peace and Absent Recognition to the Rights for Justice Commission

Dr. Paola Fiore
President Commission
Dr. Asia Guerreschi

Financial Commission

Dr. Giovanni Pastore
President Commission
Michele dell'Arte Esq.


1. Only a maximum of 10 members are allowed per commission. Every commission cannot have more than two members from the same State.
2. A strong knowledge of the English language is mandatory.
3. Members for each commission can be admitted through a selection carried out every 6 months.
4. Applications to enter a single commission can be sent at press@bontworry.org with a CV and a presentation letter (maximum 1 single-spaced page). All documents have to be in PDF. The subject of the email must read the commission of interest of the candidate.
5. Candidates who are interested in applying can only do so for a single commission.


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